Vacuum heat treatment offers an alternative method to traditional salt-bath and controlled-atmosphere furnace hardening techniques for high strength steels, such as AISI 4340M and 300M. However, heat treaters must be prudent when choosing between oil and gas quenching for vacuum hardening of high strength steels, because each process has its advantages and disadvantages. Wheather you know the process you need or are looking for the right way to achieve specific qualities with your metal parts, Metals India has the technical expertise, the equipment, and the quality assurance to deliver the highest level of performance with every part we process. Our experience enables us to determine the ideal solution for your challange.

Our services are designed to enhance the properties of your metal parts in a variety of ways


Quench Pressure: Upto 12 bar with Isothermal Quench facility
Load Size: 20"W x 40"D x 28"H(700mm x 1000mm x 700mm)

Gross Load Weight:

800 Kg.

Operating Temp.:

200OC to 1315OC


High Convection, Partial Pressure & Vacuum

Temperature Uniformity:

± 5OC

Vacuum Level:

5.0 x 10-5

Cooling Gas Fan Motor:

300 HP


Ipsen patented technilogies AVaCTM and AVaC-NTM


Stainless Steel, Cold work steel, Hot Die Steel, High Speed Steel & Plastic mould Steel