Low torr(pressure) range vacuum carburizing for optimum case hardening. The benefits are wear resistant part surfaces, case depth uniformity, minimal distortion and bright, clean parts.

Low pressure Carburizing reduces part distortion & precise control of temperature & acetylene gas mixtures for optimal case depth.

Metallurgically Low torr range vacuum carburizing prevents microstructure surface intergranular Oxidation(IGO) and decarburization. The avoidance of IGO provides high integrity to the case. The presence or absence of carbides can be controlled according to the specification requirements. Additionally the process produces compressive residual stress for improved fatigue life. Metallurgical properties attained provide optimal surface & core hardness extending part performance & wear life.


Efficient part handling improves quality &  turnaround

Uniform case depth including improved gear root to pitch ratios

Capacity to process mixed parts with various packed densities & materials

Elimination of intergranalar/internal oxidation, which may occur during gas carburizing

High carburizing temperature possible up to 1980OF (1080OC) resulting in faster diffusion stages

Minimal distortion with precision controls

Environmentally friendly process

Ability to carburize blind holes

Eliminates soot and tar

Excellent carbon penetration in to dense loads

P class="prhdl"Free of surface oxidation

Bright metallic & dry parts, no washing required

No surface Decarburization