Nitrocarburizing is a variation of the nitriding process. It is a thermochemical diffusion process where nitrogen, carbon, and to a very small degree, oxygen atoms diffuse into the surface of the steel part, forming a compound layer at the surface, and a diffusion layer. Nitrocarburizing is a shallow case variation of the nitriding process. Advantages of the process include the ability to harden materials which are not prehardened, the relatively low temperature of the process which minimizes distortion, and relative low cost in comparison to carburizing or other case hardening processes. This process is done mainly to provide an anti-wear resistance on surface layer and to improve fatigue resistance.

An additional advantage is that nitrocarburizing can be applied to the same materials as is nitriding, as well as unalloyed materials, where good wear resistance and some improved fatigue resistance are needed at a low cost. It is widely used for stampings, as an alternative to hard plating or even carbonitriding.



Load Size:

30"W x 48"D x 24"H(700mm x 1000mm x 700mm)

Gross Load Weight:

600 Kg.

Operating Temp.:

200OC to 1315OC


Load Size:

34"W x 48"D x 30"H

Gross Load Weight:




Operating Temp.:

Upto 750OC

Temperature Uniformity:

± 5OC


PLC based with Scada


Thyristor controlled


Under Protective Atmosphere with forced gas cooling

Material Handling:

Motorized Loader/Unloader

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